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 Dealer Name
 S & S Truck & Equipment Sales
 S & S Volvo & GMC Trucks
 S&H Equipment Sales
 Sacramento Truck Center
 Sahling Kenworth
 Sams Riverside Auto
 Sams Truck Sales Inc
 San Diego Freightliner
 Sanchez Motor Plex
 Sanderson Ford
 Sapp Bros Truck Sales
 Sapps Diesel Sales Inc
 Schmidt Ford of Salem
 Schneider National, Inc.
 Schows Truck Center
 Scott Truck
 Scruggs Trailer & Equipment
 Seabrook Truck Center
 Selective Force Trucking, INC
 SelecTrucks of Alabama
 SelecTrucks of America
 SelecTrucks Of Atlanta
 SelecTrucks Of Atlanta
 SelecTrucks of Calgary
 SelecTrucks Of Canada
 SelecTrucks of Charlotte
 SelecTrucks Of Cleveland
 SelecTrucks of Greensboro
 SelecTrucks of Houston
 SelecTrucks of Kansas City
 SelecTrucks of Las Vegas
 SelecTrucks of Los Angeles
 SelecTrucks of Louisville
 SelecTrucks of Michigan
 SelecTrucks of Midlantic
 SelecTrucks of New England
 SelecTrucks of Omaha/Omaha Truck Center
 SelecTrucks Of Tampa
 SelecTrucks of Toronto
 Selking International
 Selking International
 Selking International
 Semi Trailer Sales & Leasing Inc
 Shafers Truck Sales
 Shamrock Truck & Trailer Sales
 Shamrock Truck Sales
 Shamrock Utility Trailer
 Shanes Equipment Sales, LLC
 Shanklins Truck Sales
 Shealy Truck Center Inc
 Shelby Elliotts Used Trks Inc
 Sheldon Trucks Inc
 Sherwood Freightliner
 Shirks International
 Shortys Truck & Equipment Sales
 Sidley Truck & Equipment Sales
 Signature Sales
 Sioux City Truck & Trailer
 Sioux City Truck & Trailer, Inc.
 Sioux City Truck Sales
 Sioux Falls Truck and Trailer
 Smarts Truck & Trailer
 Smith International Truck Center
 Smith Moore Industries International LLC
 Smith Truck & Equipment Sales
 Snider Equipment LLC
 Soft Warriors
 Solana Trailers
 South Bay Truck Center
 South Florida Truck Sales
 South Georgia Western Star, Inc
 South Kent Sales LLC
 South Texas Truck & Equipment
 South Texas Truck Center - Pharr
 South Texas Truck Sales
 Southeast Trailer Mart
 Southeast Trailer Mart
 Southeast Trailer Mart, Inc.
 Southeast Truck Center, Inc
 Southern Quality Truck & Equipment
 Southern Truck and Equipment Inc
 Southern Truck Sales LTD
 Southern Trucks & Equipment Inc
 Southland International Trucks
 Southport Truck Group
 Southwest International
 Southwest International Trucks
 Southwest International UTC
 Southwest Semi Trailers
 Southwest Trailers
 Sparr Truck Parts
 Spellman Trailers Inc
 Springfield Tractor & Trailer
 St Johns Truck And Equipment Sales
 Standard Truck LLC
 STAR Financial Bank
 Star Leasing
 Star Truck & Equipment Inc
 Star Truck Rentals Inc
 State Line Truck Sales, LLC
 Stateline Truck Center
 Steinbach Truck & Trailer
 Stephens Truck & Trailer Sales Inc
 Stephens Truck Center
 Sternberg International
 Steubenville Truck Center
 Steves Truck & Equipment
 Stewart Motors LLC
 Stewart Wholesale Co Inc
 Stone County Sales LLC
 Stoops Freightliner
 Stoops Used Trucks
 Stover Sales Inc
 STS Truck and Equipment Sales, LLC.
 Stykemain Trucks Inc
 Success NationaLease
 Successful Dealer
 Sun City Truck Sales
 Sun State International
 Sun State International Trucks
 Sun Valley Truck Sales
 Sunbury Motor Co
 Suncoast Truck & Equipment Sales
 Superior Diesel Inc
 Superior Tank & Trailer
 Superior Trailer
 Superstition Truck & Trailers
 Susquehanna Motor Co Inc
 Sweet Equipment Sales
 Swertfegers Equipment
 Swift Transportion

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