whole-sale : Sale of goods by the piece or in large quantity-opposed to retail. Pertaining to or engaged in the business of selling to retailers or jobbers rather than consumers.
"You might sell, you might buy...          
          ...but you'll never know until you try!"

That's how much that has facilitated in sales
of equipment between its members!   And still counting ...

Heavy Truck And Equipment Wholesalers is a private community of Truck and Trailer dealers. This website is devoted and designed to facilitate the sale of used trucks in these dealerships and allow the dealer to advertise the complete specifications in order to buy or sell wholesale equipment from each other and advertise their retail equipment for sale on our retail site It is less time consuming and also helps to take the guess work out, when they communicate with each other for this purpose on this private "dealers only" website. If you're a dealer and not already signed up do so now and find out what the internet is really for. Call 361-865-3016 for more information.

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Testimonials: Doyle Dempsey, Sales Manager of Rush Trucks writes, "Terry, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the performance of your website. Your site is very easy to use and takes less time than putting trucks in magazines. I put one truck on your site that I really needed to move. The truck hit your site at 3:00 pm and before I went home that day ..."
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